Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

If you’ve bought from us in the UK and then found the identical product at a lower price at one of these online stores, we’ll refund the difference in our shop vouchers, within 7 days of your purchase.

In order for us to verify the price and send you your Our shop e-gift vouchers, please follow these 2 instructions.

    1. 1. Please read carefully the Rules relating to our Best Price Guarantee.
  1. 2. Email Customer Support via the green button below, adding these 4 pieces of information in the email:
    1.   1: Your Name
    2.   2: Order ID
    3.   3: A Link to the item on Our website that you’d like to apply the Best Price Guarantee to.
    4.   4: A Link to product on another site you are comparing our price to.


Once we have reviewed your email and found the infomation to be valid, we’ll refund the difference in Our gift vouchers, up to 7 days after the purchase.

To help you get the best result please read 2. Rules relating to our Best Price Guarantee.

If you’re not sure you can also read our 3. Best Price Guarantee FAQs.

  • Our Shop Best Price Guarantee can only be used against products that arein stock on the above online stores and must be identical to the product you bought from us (e.g. same size, colour, specification, model, year etc).
  • The Guarantee is for a GBP price comparison only.
  • The Guarantee can only be applied after your purchase and the difference in cost will be refunded in Our gift vouchers (these vouchers are valid for three months from the date of issue).
  • The Guarantee will only include discounts that are “active” and visible to all site visitors. We will price match against an online discount voucher/code but not against personal or membership discounts.
  • We will not apply The Guarantee to multi-item promo offers or bulk discount purchases.
  • All Our Best Price Guarantee requests must be placed within seven days of placing your order.
  • Your order must be shipped to a UK address and purchased in GBP to qualify for the Our Best Price Guarantee.
  • Any returned products bought using the Our Best Price Guarantee will not be refunded the original price but the altered price after the Guarantee is applied.
  • We can change these terms and conditions any time without notice. Any changes will be posted on this page. We may refuse, withdraw or suspend The Our Best Price Guarantee (or any part of it), at any time without notice.
  • The Guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with any Scheme purchases.
  • Q. I can’t open the request details, what should I do next?

    A. If you can’t get the preformatted email to work please email the following information:

    • Your name.
    • Your order ID.
    • A link to the item on the Chain Reaction Cycles website that you’d like to apply the Best Price Guarantee to.
    • A link to the product on on another site you are comparing our price to.

    … and send it to: our e-mail

    Q. I don’t live in the UK (or I am not shipping the order to the UK), can I claim back with the Best Price Guarantee?

    A. The Best Price Guarantee is only applicable to UK shipped orders, purchased in GBP. This means you can live anywhere in the world but must be sending the order to the UK!

    Q. Can the Best Price Guarantee be refunded to me in money rather than gift vouchers?

    A. Unfortunately, no – as per the terms & conditions we honour your Best Price Guarantee with a refund in Our gift vouchers.

    Q. Why was my Best Price Guarantee not successful?

    A. If you are unsuccessful in getting a refund thorugh Our Best Price Guarantee we will give you a full explanation of why your were not successful in response to your claim.

    Q. Does the Best Price Guarantee apply to all products?

    A. Yes it does – if you can find the same product in stock, at the websites identified above, we will refund the difference in Our gift vouchers.

    Q. Does the Best Price Guarantee include promotions?

    A. If the promotional code you are using is open to all customers on the comparison site, for example an advertised 10% online discount code, then Best Price Guarantee can be applied. If it is a personal discount, such as membership discount or gift voucher code, then it cannot be used in comparison for the Best Price Guarantee.

    Q. Can I apply the Best Price Guarantee before purchasing?

    A. The Best Price Guarantee is a refund scheme rather than a price matching scheme – a Best Price Guarantee claim is only eligible after a purchase is made from Our. You can confidently purchase knowing that you can get a gift voucher refund on any product you have found cheaper at one of our five online competitors sites up to seven days after your purchase.

    Q. Will you price match against other online retailers, or local stores, not in the above list?

    A. Sorry, our Best Price Guarantee is only for comparisons against these sites:


    Q. Can I use the Best Price Guarantee at your Boucher Road and Doagh store?

    A. Yes you can and exactly the same rules apply. Don’t forget you are comparing the price of the product you bought at either of our two stores with the five online retailers above. The retail stores will only honour the Best Price Guarantee for products purchased from them – so if you bought the product online submit your better price to our e-mail and if you bought the product in the Doagh or Boucher Road bring your till receipt, online link and screenshot to the store.